Gefleckte Ginsterkatze zu verkaufen


Ginsterkatzen sind lange, schlanke, katzenartige Kreaturen, die in Afrika endemisch sind. Sie haben riesige Ohren, beringte Schwänze und Krallen, die sich teilweise zurückziehen können. Ein dunkler Streifen verläuft über ihre Wirbelsäule und ist durch ihr Fell sichtbar. Nur sie sind in der Lage, zwischen den Viverriden auf ihren Hinterbeinen zu stehen. Obwohl sie ein ebenerdiges Zuhause haben, verbringen sie viel Zeit in Bäumen.


Gefleckte Ginsterkatze zu verkaufen

Spotted Genet For Sale, Genets are long, slender, cat-like creatures that are endemic to Africa. They have enormous ears, ringed tails, and claws that may partially retract. A dark stripe runs down their spine and is visible through their fur.

Only them are capable of standing on their hind legs among the viverrids. Even though they have a ground-level home, they spend a lot of time in trees. In regions of Europe where they are still found in the wild, genets have been introduced. For more than 1,500 years, people have kept them as pets.

Small Spotted Genet For Sale Online

The Small Spotted Genet, Chinchillas, Chacoan and Patagonian Mara, Serval, Fennec Foxes, and other exotic creatures come from all over the world and are bred by us. We frequently have young domestic and captive-bred skunks available for pickup or direct shipping to your home.

A pair of Small Spotted Genets for sale is seeking a new home. They are incredibly adorable and amusing. from an intimate farm. Since they were born, both have eaten largely canned cat food with some fruits and veggies thrown in. They have also both been dewormed.

Small Spotted Genet History

Due to their stunning markings, Small Spotted Genets are becoming more and more well-liked as exotic pets. They have cheetah spots, a ferret face, and a lemur tail, and they resemble kittens just a little. They are solitary, swift, and agile animals that need specialised care, yet the correct owner might enjoy having them as a pet.

Genets are not an interactive pet. Typically, they are aloof and self-sufficient. A harness must be worn if you intend to take them outside. Start introducing them to the harness at an early age, and practise indoors so they become accustomed to it.



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