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Exotic Pets, we have a few Male and Female bush babies for sale in the USA at affordable prices on our site They are rare, and we have babies only a couple of times a year.

Small primates found in Africa are called bush babies or galagos. They belong to a tribe known as prosimians, which is Latin meaning “before apes.” Other species in this family include pottos, lorises, and lemurs. Because of the call they produce, which resembles a baby’s cry, they are known as Bush Babies.

Bush Babies are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. They use their keen hearing and huge eyes to stalk prey in the shadows. As huge as its brain, each eye is. More than any other modern mammal, it possesses larger eyes.

In contrast to their near relatives, the slow-moving Lorises and Pottos, who slowly creep in quest of even slower food, they move quite swiftly as well, leaping from branch to branch. Bush Babies are tiny, measuring just over a foot from head to tail.

A Teeny Beany designer’s fantasy, they feature fluffy fur, tiny, pointy faces with the biggest mammal eyes in the world, and bare ears. One type of bush baby, the African Bush Baby, has eyeballs that are so large that it is unable to move them inside of their sockets. It must fully tilt its head in order to shift its sight, just like an owl.

Bush baby as pets

Bush Babies often dampen their hands and feet with urine to better grip the trees they are climbing. In this manner, they also demarcate their lands. Due to the fact that they are nocturnal animals, they have keen senses of smell, hence they frequently communicate using scent signals.

When someone “urinates washes,” they soak their hands and feet with urine, rub them together, and then leave obnoxious foot and hand prints all over the place. Additionally, they have secretory glands in their chests, which serve as a signal for overlapping home ranges.

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