Яванские макаки Обезьяны на продажу

The extraordinary Long-tailed macaque has a tail that is longer than its height from head to rump. The pinkish-brown face of this ape bears white areas close to the nose on its eyelids.

The crest on the top of the head, which is formed by the hairs on the head reaching back over the forehead, is another striking feature of this species. Male Long-tailed macaques can be identified by their mustaches and facial cheek hair. Women, on the other hand, typically have cheek whiskers and beards.

In Southeast Asia, long-tailed macaques can be found. Their range runs from Bangladesh’s southeast corner south to Malaysia, the outlying islands, the Philippines, and the Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It also includes the Maritime Southeast Asia islands (including Sumatra, Java, and Borneo).

Disturbed regions along the edges of forests make for the best habitat for this species. However, these primates can be found in a variety of environments, including primary lowland rainforests, disturbed secondary rainforests, shrubland, riverine and coastal nipa palm forests, mangroves, and even human.

Nutrition and Diet

The Long-tailed macaques are omnivore creatures that eat both plant- and animal-based foods. As a supplement to their diet of fruits, crabs, flowers, leaves, fungi, grasses, and clay, they also consume a variety of insects.

Mating Customs

The mating systems of long-tailed macaques are polygynous (one male mates with several females) and polygynandrous (promiscuous) (many males mate randomly with many females).

The rainy season, from May to July, is when most births take place. After a 162-day gestation period, high-ranking females typically give birth to a single child every 390 days, whereas ordinary females give birth to children every two years. The newborn infant is breastfed for 420 days. Males reach reproductive maturity at age 6 and females at age 4, respectively.

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