Кошенята манчкін самець

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Sex: male
Age: 3 months
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Pedigree: Conditional (ask for price)
Registered: Yes
Quality: Show Quality
Food: Royal Canin Kitten.
Litter filler: wood pallets or paper pallets.

What’s Included;
-Pet/vet passport with all records
-Fully vaccinated required kitten age
-Health guarantee
-Kitten grooming
-Information and care instructions
-7 days a week support with all kitten needs


Кошенята манчкін самець

Munchkin Kittens Male, the Munchkin cat can go about just as easily as its friends with longer legs; it simply might require them to take a few extra steps. Don’t be shocked if these “magpies” take your favorite piece of jewelry; these adorable, inquisitive cats are infamous for stealing glittering stuff. Munchkin kittens for sale.

Personality of Munchkin Cats

Munchkins, on the other hand, are unconcerned by the controversy around them and continue to act like the confident cats that they are. Lacking in the leg department does not imply a lack of personality or intelligence. Munchkins are loving companions who are sociable and people-focused.

They get along with other cats, dogs, and people. They are blissfully oblivious to their differences as they frolic and fight with their long-legged feline buddies. They are not viewed as members of the vertically challenged by their feline friends either. Only humans are suspicious of them.

Fans claim that Munchkins are just like regular cats, with the exception of leaping to the top of the kitchen counter. Nonetheless, some fanciers view this as a benefit rather than a drawback. Munchkins have tiny legs, but they sprint quickly, bouncing around corners like ferrets.

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They frequently sit up on their haunches, similar to prairie dogs, to get a better perspective. They are just as adept at scaling cat towers and curtains as any cat. The shorter back legs don’t offer as much leverage, thus they can’t jump as high. Munchkins can jump onto most beds, chairs, and couches, however before tackling your desk, they might take a detour onto a chair or other lower object.

Munchkins, commonly referred to as magpies, frequently steal little, sparkling items and store them away for later play. Munchkins are skilled hunters who like a good game of catnip mouse, but when playing is over, they want to curl up on a warm lap and be petted by a caring hand, just like any cat.





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