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We have gorgeous female baby otters who are up to date on all paperwork and vaccines. They are able to get along with other animals and are housebroken. They dislike being caged for an extended period of time. They enjoy playing around constantly.


Female Otters for sale – Buy Asian Female Otters

Female Otters for sale, each animal that enters our facility develops a close bond with one of our staff members. We are committed to giving them the greatest care while they are with us and to helping them find the best homes when they move on. The majority of our animals are born to humans. For the animals that stay with us for an extended period of time, we provide care, visit the veterinarian, take care of their vaccines, and maintain thorough medical records.

Asian Small Clawed Otters For Sale

Our small-clawed otters from Asia are content and healthy. Less than 2% of our otter kits will arrive with genetic problems typical of the species; but, because of this widespread condition, we are unable to guarantee the long-term health of your animal. The most crucial duty of a pet owner is to thoroughly research the species they intend to buy before making the purchase. We appreciate you considering keeping an otter as a pet. Each customer’s satisfaction with their pet throughout its lifetime is the responsibility of petofparadise.

These are small-clawed otter species from Asia, also referred to as oriental small-clawed otter. They are very sociable and extroverted creatures that can survive for 15 to 20 years in captivity. These three-month-old otter pups have already learned how to use the litter box. They’ll quickly turn into your closest companion, just like a dog! The friendliest otters you can purchase are those offered for sale here.

Adorable Male Otters For Sale Online

Online stores that sell cute male otters. It belongs to one of the five otter species that are indigenous to Asia. With a weight of only about 11 lbs, this otter species is the smallest. In the wild, they eat small fish, mollusks, and crustaceans.

Habitat and Behavior Of Asian Small Clawed Otters.

Small-clawed otters have a long history of being used as work animals in the Far East, from China to Malaysia (Gudger) (1927). In Bangladesh and Malaysia, these creatures are still appreciated for their use as fishing partners. These working otters are often from the captive population, where a trained animal with a reputable pedigree can sell for high rates. While their mothers, who typically wear a harness with a rope attached, pushes fish into the nets, the working mothers’ offspring learn their craft by swimming freely.




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