Кошеня мейн кун самець

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Sex: male
Age: 3 months
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Pedigree: Conditional (ask for price)
Registered: Yes
Quality: Show Quality
Food: Royal Canin Kitten.
Litter filler: wood pallets or paper pallets.

What’s Included;
-Pet/vet passport with all records
-Fully vaccinated required kitten age
-Health guarantee
-Kitten grooming
-Information and care instructions
-7 days a week support with all kitten needs


Кошеня мейн кун самець

Maine Coon Kitten Male, the Maine Coon is sturdy, hardy, and capable of withstanding adverse weather. The smooth, shaggy coat is one of this cat’s distinguishing features. This breed has adapted to various situations and is well-proportioned with a balanced appearance.

Personality of Maine coon cats

No breed can claim to have the monopoly on love and affection, but there has to be an excellent reason why Maine Coons have survived the brink of extinction to claim the coveted title of second most popular breed in America (as determined by the CFA’s registration totals). Fans of the breed claim that the breed’s huge size, intelligence, luxurious coat, robust nature, and commitment to their human family are the reasons for its popularity.

Maine Coons are gentle giants who are lively well into old age, as well as jumbo-sized parcels of loving devotion. They are like kittens in enormous cat suits. In addition to being timid around strangers, Maine Coons may be very intelligent. This is probably why they have such large brains. But even the most cautious people eventually adapt. During this initial period of transition, Maine Coons are actually making decisions about whether or not to trust these new humans. But, once they make up their minds, they develop strong relationships with the entire family and turn into loving and committed members.

Maine coon cats are very friendly

Most people prefer to be close to you, but not on your lap. They are true family members and take part in all activities, whether they are following you around the house or watching you channel surf from the comfort of the couch. Maine Coons are interested by water, as befits a former seafarer, probably because their thick coats are water-repellent and won’t become annoyingly wet as easily as a coat with a thinner texture would. Some pets will momentarily enter the shower with their owners, or at the very least, they’ll explore the damp floor after you exit. To touch the water with a curious paw, they prefer to stand on the tub’s edge.




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