Періс шотландський висловухий самець

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Sex: Male
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Pedigree: Yes
Registered: Yes
Breeding: Spayed/Neutered
Quality: Show Potential
Age: 3 Months, 2 Weeks

What’s Included;
-Pet/vet passport with all records
-Fully vaccinated required kitten age
-Health guarantee
-Kitten grooming
-Information and care instructions
-7 days a week support with all kitten needs


Періс шотландський висловухий самець

Peris Scottish Fold Male,

in Scotland, farm cats had a spontaneous mutation that resulted in the Scottish Fold cat or scottish fold kittens for sale. Domestic cats from Scotland and England were crossed with British Shorthairs to create the breed. The American and British Shorthair is the outcross in America. The pedigree of all genuine Scottish Fold cats may be traced back to Susie.

Personality of Scottish cats for sale

The average Scottish Fold is intelligent, mild-mannered, soft-spoken, and nimble in adjusting to new people and circumstances. They tend to form bonds with one family member and are devoted to them. Although they typically let other people домашня тварина and love them, their primary attachment becomes evident as soon as they single out their preferred human.

They must be given attention on their terms because they thrive on it. The most of the time, they would rather be close to you than on your lap despite their devotion. They are not clinging or demanding коти. Cats retain their lively side well into adulthood and occasionally enjoy a nice game of catch the catnip mouse.

The Fold’s ears can still move to listen, lay back in rage, and perk up when a food can is opened despite being folded. When the cat is unhappy or ill, the ear fold may become less obvious. Although some members of the Fold family have noticed higher wax accumulation in their cats’ ears, folded ears normally do not enhance a cat’s risk of ear mites or infections. Some early Scottish Folds were white, and white cats can be predisposed to a kind of deafness unrelated to the Fold gene, which may explain the previously observed vulnerability to deafness.

Grooming Scottish Fold Cats

The Scottish Fold cat’s short, dense coat requires no special grooming and is simple to maintain, however brushing can help eliminate dead hairs. Owners must remove any wax or debris buildup from the Scottish Fold’s outer ears to prevent ear infection because the cat finds it challenging to clean its own ears.

Keep in mind that a greasy coat may indicate that your cat is no longer making an effort to groom itself, which may be a sign of poor or declining health. Scottish Folds benefit from routine immunization, parasite control, and an annual veterinary health check, much like all cats.



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